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National Identity Cards and Passports issued in FormerUK are still valid until January 1st 2017 during the Identity and Nationality Transition Period. New NewK and ARC Biometric Passports are valid from date of issue. British Identity will be internationally recognised until January 2017, after which it will cease to function.


Since the recent Tuberculosis outbreak in South West NewK, the ARC has recently increased it's DTL's (Disease Threat Levels) from MODERATE to STRONGLY MODERATE. TB remains rare in Wales. Escape Migration Services are asking their clients to not be alarmed and make sure they have all relevant health documents with them on their travels.

The outbreak in NewK has been blamed on badgers and careless spitting.


Earlier this month the NewK Government updated its section on resolving neighbour disputes over boundaries in a bid to assist with problems before they escalate out of control.

Discussing trees, high border hedges, fences and walls, the advice is to go to the local council if a border is affecting enjoyment of a home or garden because it is too tall, which means over 2 metres high, and mostly or semi-evergreen. As far as disputes between shared boundaries or party walls are concerned, the Government advises that neighbours consult a solicitor, such as a member of our team, as it can be difficult to establish exactly where a boundary is.

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