Active Citizen Training

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Welcome to your training

The vigilant amongst you will notice a progress bar. This will give you an indication of how close to completion you are.

We pride ourselves at the BAARC for our high homeworking safety standards. Please maintain good posture throughout, and keep work areas tidy and respectable at all times.

The first task is a fun multiple choice quiz. Good luck!

Scenario 1

You work in a chemist.
A dark haired man comes in to buy a large quantity of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Do You:

Buying Hydrogen Peroxide is not an offence, and it can be used to whiten your teeth, but it can also be used to make explosives.

Remember: It is not a person's look, but their behaviour which is suspicious. Although if they are dressed inappropriately for the weather, appear to be in disguise or JDLR (Just don't look right), then follow your instincts.


Scenario 2

You are in an electronic component shop. A customer with a burnt finger is buying digital voice changers, GPS units, soldering equipment, and a 2 way radio. He is paying with cash.

Do You:

Remember: Using cash to buy goods is not yet against the law, however suspicious it may be.


Scenario 3

You work in a nail bar.
A customer who comes in regularly changes their appearance. They buy a large amount of Acetone with cash.

Do You:

Buying Acetone is not an offence, but it can be used to make explosives.

Remember: Taking photographs is not a crime, but when a person is taking pictures in a way which is not normal, it's not wrong to be suspicious. If it's not the norm, it could cause harm.


Scenario 4

You are on a train.
One of the other passengers Just Doesn't Look Right (JDLR). They are sweating, looking nervous, taking notes, and wearing too many clothes. They have a bag. They have closed the bag. You cannot see inside.

Do You:

Remember: Just because someone’s speech, actions, beliefs, appearance, or way of life is different; it does not mean that he or she is a threat. Anyone can be a threat.


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